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Gecel nano Water Reconstruction Flask

The Gencel water reconstruction flask is made 304 grade stainless steel. It contains a cartridge filled with black tourmaline, pearl calcium and a combination of 5 different minerals including Ca, Ma, K, and Na. These minerals are vital to the health of the human body. It also has a very strong magnet in the lid. Its purpose is to create nanometer active water with a high PH and electrolyte presence. Due to increasingly necessary water purification processes our drinking water has been rendered almost worthless and even harmful for some people. When we drink purified water it is missing key elements which are present in water naturally. Without these elements our water becomes much less soluble to the human body as well as acidic and when ingested over long periods of time can weaken the immune system and cause mineral deficiencies leading to disorders like atrial fibrillation and overall immune imbalance.

When placed in the Gencel nano reconstruction flask our purified water becomes supercharged. The magnet in the lid interacts with the naturally charged stones inside the cartridge causing a reconstruction of the water’s molecules. This makes the water much more soluble to the body . The water also gets direct contact with the raw minerals in the cartridge giving a strong electrolyte presence and much higher PH ( 8.5) . Drinking water this way is highly beneficial to water absorption and overall balance of the bodies PH and immune function.