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1) Connect the Wristband and Array on the back of the machine. Make sure the tips connect and fit snug. Adjust them as necessary.

2) Wrap the Wristband snug on the wrist. Right wrist for women. Left wrist for men. Have the skin touching the metal be moist with a bit of water and the position of the metal part be on the underside of the wrist.

3) Place the Array in the water. Preferably in warm purified water. Place both feet in the water.

4) Turn the machine on. Press the switch on the BACK of the machine first, then press the “start” button on the FRONT of the machine second. The machine will now flash the letter “A” and a number.

5) Add small amounts of salt to water and mix well until screen shows anywhere between18-20. (Verify the salt doesn’t contain iodine.) The more salt you add, the higher the number goes. At 24, it shuts off. Use salt sparingly.

6) The machine is set to run 30 minutes. It beeps when time is up. Turn the machine off on the back. Remove the Wristband. Lift the Array out of the water. Wash it with vinegar for about 15 seconds. Let the Array dry in the open air.

7) Review your final residue results and note them in the GencelWellness(TM) chart. Each session is progressive. Note the differences between each session.

8) Take pictures. We suggest maintaining the same lighting and/or time of day to accurately observe the changes in colors from session to session. Note the differences between odors, the amount of each substance, and the vibrancy of colors as you continue to clean each layer of the body. One can do three sessions per week for ten weeks. After that once or twice a month for maintenance or after exposure to toxic material.

9) Share! The GencelWellness(TM) Ion Cell Cleanse Machine is meant to help all your loved ones. Remember people who should refrain from using this machine are: EPILEPTIC, PACEMAKER, ORGAN TRANSPLANT, and PREGNANT/NURSING. If a Diabetic, test blood sugar during session. Upload your favorite pictures and reviews to our website: Help us spread the news of optimum health solutions!